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Oktober, 2012
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19.02.2018 11:56:58
цена мойки самообслуживания на 6 постов под ключ цена
Вы в ищите фирму, которая соорудит вам мойку самообслуживания под ключ? Хотите соорудить моющую станцию, которую отважно реально назвать startup? В таком случае вы на нужном пути!

В этот период эра современных разработок. Поэтому каждая компания старается создать что-то интересное. Сегмент рынка активно развивается.

Сервис не стоят на месте. У вас тоже есть вероятность начать эксплуатировать информационные технологии. Для этого вы имеете шанс обратиться в компанию WASHERCAR, которая окажет содействие в <a href=http://washercar.com/>открытие мойки самообслуживания под ключ цена</a> . У фирмы есть большой опыт работы.

Сотрудники смогут предоставить вам возможность сделать выбор: купить готовую мойку самообслуживания или разработать мойку самообслуживания под личные требования.
Бесконтактные мойки самообслуживания – это перспективное направление, которое захватит будущее в этом сегменте рынка. Компания, которую вы имеете шанс посмотреть на washercar.com, может выделить вам франшизу.
19.02.2018 07:26:37
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18.02.2018 22:35:57
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18.02.2018 14:35:14
Стеклянные душевые и перегородки
Монтаж стеклянных перегородок на заказ по Вашим размерам.
Низкие цены.

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18.02.2018 05:09:45
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18.02.2018 03:00:55
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17.02.2018 23:14:21
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17.02.2018 21:41:22
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17.02.2018 02:37:50
[ANN] [ICO] Honey Mining Token

Honey mining is analogue of cloud-mining, but only with us you don't need to care about limited contracts, price, timing, terms and project trust.
Buying our tokens you become practically the "owner of shares" of our mining-farm and every month you will get income.

[b]How it works[/b]
We present a very clue of the project and how it works in several simple steps.

1. [b]Users buy tokens[/b]

2. Once the total amount of funds collected would be enough for make order [b]we will
order/purchase another part of miners[/b]. This procedure repeats when the next amount of
funds collected is enough to make another purchase and so on.
Basically, minimal order is 1 miner with a price around $3000.

3. When the miners are got and ready [b]our team will set it up to our farm[/b] that will work for every
person included in the project.

4. [b]Every month we will collect profits from miners and deposit this amount[/b] (paying for
maintenance and electricity charges and reinvest 30% of it) [b]to ETH Token balance[/b].
Thus, we will exchange all our alt-coins and bitcoins to ETH for deposit.

5. [b]Every user[/b] which had at least one token before the actual deposit was made, [b]could withdraw
his dividends[/b] in accordance with the amount of the token that he has. For withdrawal its require to use smart-contract method withdrawDividends
[b]Reminder:[/b] be aware that if user has small number of tokens on their account (or even just 1
token available) than the profit could be less than actual transaction commission.

6. Once all tokens are sold and the sales are closed [b]we come to the reinvestment stage to[/b]
increase the power of the farm.

Reinvestment happens as it was described in stage 4: every month 30% of total income would
be spent to order new miners to increase mining power and profit itself.


[b]We decided to avoid rates fluctuations to reduce the possibility of manipulations. All rates
present in [url=https://hmt.io/honey_mining_whitepaper_v1.0.0.pdf]whitepaper document[/url] are hard and solid.[/b]

Price from [b]0 to 10.000[/b] tokens is [b]675 HMT per 1 ETH[/b]
Price from [b]10.001 to 50.000[/b] tokens price is [b]563[/b] HMT per 1 ETH[/b]
Price from [b]50.001 to 3.000.000[/b] tokens is [b]450 HMT per 1 ETH[/b]. We set this number as a
default price.



are limited according to the price and amount of the token bought:
When you are buying from [b]0 to 10.000[/b], you will get additionally [b]50% of HMT[/b] - based of
default price.
When the order starts from [b]10.001 to 50.000[/b] tokens, you will get additionally [b]25% of
Moreover, we use [b]bi-directional referral program for Honey Money Token[/b]. To take part in the
program you need to give us another user Ethereum address for us to invite him into the project.
For every such user making a purchase, you will get additional [b]2.5%[/b] of the purchase and
bring the same number ([/b]2.5% from his purchase[/b]) back to you.
[b]User must have at least one HMT on referrer account for the program to work.[/b]

All details you could find on whitepaper: [url=https://hmt.io/honey_mining_whitepaper_v1.0.0.pdf]https://hmt.io/honey_mining_whitepaper_v1.0.0.pdf[/url]
News channel on telegram: [url=https://t.me/HoneyMoneyNews]https://t.me/HoneyMoneyNews[/url]
Chat channel on telegram: [url=https://t.me/hmchat]https://t.me/hmchat[/url]
Website : [url=https://hmt.io]https://hmt.io[/url]
Facebook : [url=https://www.facebook.com/Honey-Mining-1852702728381704/]https://www.facebook.com/Honey-Mining-1852702728381704/[/url]
Twitter : [url=https://twitter.com/hmcoin]https://twitter.com/hmcoin[/url]
Contract address : [url=https://etherscan.io/address/0xb6d5414a1550b70d3a1280081b115fddc4a465d2#readContract]https://etherscan.io/address/0xb6d5414a1550b70d3a1280081b115fddc4a465d2#readContract[/url]
etherscan : [url=https://etherscan.io/address/0xb6d5414a1550b70d3a1280081b115fddc4a465d2#code]https://etherscan.io/address/0xb6d5414a1550b70d3a1280081b115fddc4a465d2#code[/url]
github : [url=https://github.com/unspike/HoneyMiningToken/blob/master/HoneyMiningToken.sol]https://github.com/unspike/HoneyMiningToken/blob/master/HoneyMiningToken.sol[/url]

Our farm :


P.S. We dont have any bounty, read doc and all would be clear.
16.02.2018 04:42:30
Всё будет хорошо
Никогда не сдавайся...
15.02.2018 23:56:00
Сделай свой первый шаг к успеху в правильном направлении.
Только актуальные системы образования и заработков, никакой воды!!! Выбор за тобой!!!
15.02.2018 18:01:18
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14.02.2018 14:22:09
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